Integrated Policy

Management of GRUPO CACAOLAT recognizes the health and safety of individuals, the food quality and safety of all our products, the protection of the environment in our activities and corporate social responsibility as fundamental pillars of its business management policy.

  1. To solve customers’ needs capably and readily through rigorous and timely communication. These are priority objectives in order to offer excellent products and services with innovations in development and manufacturing and to improve the satisfaction of customer needs and adaptation to consumers.
  2. Promote a solid culture of food safety and quality as requirements that drive continuous improvement in all areas. Through them, productivity, competitiveness and profitability are achieved.
  3. To consider customer service in a personalized way without forgetting technical advising to deal with possible complaints. Our customers’ opinions help us to improve and innovate and are the source of our progress. We want to achieve full customer satisfaction through strict compliance with contract requirements and reach the end consumer by valuating market trends and meeting the expectations placed in us.
  4. To implement participation of the entire organization in achieving health and safety, food quality and safety and the environment, attach great importance to training and self-control and establish continuous improvement programmes so that any possible errors are detected before the occur.
  5. To foster «zero defects» and work well done as the basis for achieving total quality, reducing the generation of potential waste and obtaining the desired level of excellence in all our products and processes.
  6. To establish ties with our suppliers in order to demand the same degree of quality and protection of the environment that is applied in GRUPO CACAOLAT, as they are a source of wealth and knowledge of these commitments. And, in relation to health and safety, to coordinate business activities within the premises of GRUPO CACAOLAT.
  7. To take responsibility for control of food fraud to ensure correct labelling of products claimed on customers legal requisites and control of food defence to combat any risk of sabotage to the premises and product tampering.
  8. To ensure that all GRUPO CACAOLAT personnel are fully familiar with the company’s aims and policy through training at all levels in this area. To take responsibility at the assigned workplace and implement mechanisms to supervise the effectiveness of their development.
  9. To guarantee reviews of the degree of execution of the objectives are carried out on a regular basis (at least once a year).
  10. To protect the environment, including the prevention of contamination in our activities and any others on which we may have an influence, as well as the commitment to comply with legal and other environmental requisites.

As a final commitment, GRUPO CACAOLAT Management will review and analyse all the plans of each of the management systems to provide continuous improvement, establishing actions in relation to risks and opportunities for improvement, in compliance with health and safety, food quality and safety, environmental management and corporate social responsibility.